Austin Parker 42 – 2008


Reinterpreting a classic can be tough and it requires ability, taste and culture. Austin Parkers crafts are distinguished by their innovative Italian stylish design that echoes the delightful retro look typical of lobster boats. Shapes are softened up, the deckhouse design is clean and flowing. The bow is high and protecting, the stern is so low that the cockpit is at the same level of water. The low stern and wide cockpit, which was used to facilitate the fishing, has been made a single area with the dash board. Once the stern doors are open, cockpit, dash board and ward room are an open space
The functional features typical of lobster boats are here used as style motifs;the mahogany toerail. The tool mast, the handrails, the steel air intake grilles.
The main deck is laid with teak and varnished mahogany-capped rails which accentuate the boat’s slightly retro feel.

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