wider cannes

August 24, 2011

Developed from a cutting edge project, strongly desired by Tilli Antonelli, Wider 42’ is the brand new yacht which only a few months after her first launch has already fascinated fans worldwide.

A concentrate of innovations and technology, Wider 42’ has been cruising the Mediterranean Seas stopping off and showing her unique lines and performances in Rapallo, Portoroz, Monaco, Porto Rotondo and St. Tropez, getting ready for the international par excellence première during the next Festival de la Plaisance de Cannes, from 6th to 11th of September 2011.

The Cannes Boat Show is the most prestigious and international event in the nautical calendar, a privileged location where luxury and design come together, therefore it represents a very important debut for Wider.

Wider 42’ is an open whose lines have been characterized by Fulvio De Simoni and inaugurates the fleet and the category of the wider cockpit. Wider 42’ is a day-cruiser with a strong design connotation, to drive and enjoy in an incredible mix of adrenaline and fun, a yacht ready to satisfy a wide range of demands, throughout solutions offering comfort and stability unthinkable until now for boats this size.

Wider 42’ differs to other boats because, by means of an automatic and patented system, she’s able to double the cockpit usable surface in just 12 seconds, thanks to mobile extensions either side of the hull.

For the much-awaited French première of the new and revolutionary 42 feet, Wider chose to give maximum emphasis on the exposure bringing not one but two units of the new yachting jewel: a stand inside the Vieux Port (stand n. JAS047 on the Jetée Albert Edouard Sud) will welcome the visitors willing to go onboard the boat in the water (also available for sea trials upon appointments). At the same time, a second unit will be on display outside the expo, on the Esplanade Georges Pompidou, in front of the Festival Palace entrance, to become the protagonist of the renowned Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes.

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